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Bookmarks by Tags
The tags in miTaggedMarks completely replace the usual hierarchical folder structure that can be found in explorer-like applications and in every menu structure that uses submenus, like the bookmark menus in browsers.

In miTaggedMarks there is no hierarchy, just a plain list of tags, like
This list of tags of course is controlled the user. Tags can be added, deleted and renamed at any time.
On import of existing bookmark files or Favorite folders the folder names of the hierarchical structure are used as tags in miTaggedMarks, so you can start with your existing collection of bookmarks.

You are free to assign any combination of these tags to any bookmark. You may add or de-assign tags to/from bookmarks at any time.
In the example from Home, shops that sell computers get the tags Computers and Shops, other shops may get the tags Cameras and Shops, the stores that sells both get all three tags.

When accessing the bookmarks, you choose one of the tags from the list, for example Computers, and get a list of your bookmarks with Computer assigned to, separated into sections by the additional tags.
Selected tag(s)   Bookmarks                                
+ Magazines
Computing Tomorrow
+ Shops
Buy Bits And Bytes
Computer Wonderland
+ Shops + Cameras
All The Needful Things
Planet of Electronics
There is no need to follow a hierarchic sequence. You could as well have started with Shops, getting a similar list of your bookmarks for shops.

If the list of bookmarks is too long after selecting one tag you may narrow it by selecting another one.
Selected keyword(s)   Bookmarks                                
Buy Bits And Bytes
Computer Wonderland
+ Cameras
All The Needful Things
Planet of Electronics
In this example the list of your bookmarks for Computers is narrowed with the tag Shops. miTaggedMarks still lists shops that sell Computers and something else.
If at least one tag is selected, the list of available tags is filtered to leave only those, that can further narrow the list of bookmarks.
In this example the tag Weather would be hidden after selecting Computers, because there is no bookmark with tags Computers and Weather.

miTaggedMarks also comes with "normal" features needed in every bookmark manager, plus some innovative ones. See Features for the complete list.

Last Update: 30Jun2006; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: