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New in version 2.01

v2.01.4: Adjustments for Windows8 (interaction with browsers).
v2.01.1: Adjustment for import of bookmarks from Firefox 4.
Integrated support added for browsers Google Chrome and Pale Moon.
Icon for TopTags in menus, as Windows 7 doesn't allow more than one menu item in bold font.
New location for keyfile, to solve the problem with access rights.
Plus minor bugfixes.

New Features (2.0)

New bookmarklet system, to access miTaggedMarks' functions from browser, widely extended from beta2.
Example in Mozilla Firefox's tool bar: Mozilla Firefox with bookmarklets for miTaggedMarks
Combine tags with boolean operators (AND,OR,NOT) in an innovative easy-to-use interface, with immediate feedback, (beta1)
Save tag sets for later usage, (beta1)
Type2Find replaces DirectTextFilter. Now includes search for tags and for several text fragments, (beta1)
System shortcut to take over link data from the active browser window, (beta1)
Import bookmarks with tags from Firefox 3 places. (beta1)

Improvements (2.0)

Option to search for words (alternative to text fragments in words),
Improved backup scheme, with up to 9 backup copies now,
Improved browser setup, with methods new tab and new window for most browsers,
(Ctrl+)Click on SectionTitle (un)selects all bookmarks in section,
Bookmark Properties: Panel Same Domain now only pops up if necessary,
Some modifications for Windows 7
Function New File for a new, empty file, (beta2)
Integrated support added for browsers Safari, Flock and Avant Browser, (beta1)
Optimized Open in other browser if two browsers are running, (beta1)
Replacing a bookmark now moves the replaced one to the recycle bin, (beta1)
Much faster internal data engine, (beta1)
Tags can be deleted now even if they are assigned to bookmarks, (beta1)
Improved usage by keyboard, (beta1)
"flattened" layout, (beta1)
More settings are saved on shutdown and restored on next start, (beta1)
Feedback after successful "silent" (without dialog) TakeOver, (beta1)
Improved import from Powermarks. (since build 1703)
Plus minor improvements.

Bug Fixes (2.0)

Windows 7 and Vista: The positions of the buttons in tool bar were not correctly restored after start,
Sometimes incomplete lists when changing from tab Tags to tab Properties, fixed, (beta2)
Assign tags, tab New: Input field is now cleared after selecting a tag, (beta2)
Possibly wrong function of icon buttons in SectionTitles, fixed; (beta2)
Import from Powermarks: Keywords with some "special characters" where not imported, fixed; (beta2)
Import from Powermarks: Special characters were not correctly decoded, fixed; (build 2002)
Problem in the interaction with latest versions of Internet Explorer, fixed, (build 2001)
Reads from the active tab now in Internet Explorer, (beta1)
fixed some Unicode issues, (beta1)
fixed problem with bold fonts in bookmark list, (beta1)
Import from Powermarks: Fixed problem with some specific data. (since build 1702)
Plus minor ones.

For details of earlier versions see help file.

Last Update: 5Dec2014; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: